WaMu’s dying words

26 09 2008

My checking account is with WaMu. Yesterday it went under and got taken over by JP Morgan Chase. Wamu’s last press release was: WaMu Recognized as Top Diverse Employer—Again. This is not a joke – here is a screenshot.

WaMu's last press release

WaMu press release

Here are some quotes from that press release.

Company ranks in top ten of Hispanic Business’ Diversity Elite and earns perfect score on the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index …

… The Human Rights Campaign, the largest national gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) civil rights organization, also awarded WaMu its second consecutive 100 percent score in the organization’s 2009 Corporate Equality Index (CEI) …

“Diversity is an integral part of cultivating a welcoming, innovative and dynamic workplace here at WaMu. We are proud to be recognized for the opportunities and benefits we offer to all of our employees, including the specific efforts we have made to engage Hispanics and the GLBT community,” …

Well, at least there is one thing that they earn a 100% score in. Sure this must be some consolation for their shareholders.




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