“Praise The One”

30 09 2008

This video of little kids singing praise song to Obama brought some memories of my school days in a socialist paradise.

Once a week (if I remember well) the whole school (joint elementary and middle) would gather and all the kids had to sing the school anthem. After 30 years, i still remember the first verse which roughly translates to this in English:

Forwards, youth of the world
let the brotherly march join us
the dangerous years will pass away
let who is young go with us and fight

Now I can laugh at it, because that socialist paradise died almost 20 years ago. Unfortunately, there are some people in my new country bent on creating their own socialist paradise at our expense.

Communists always knew that they could build lasting strength by indoctrinating the young. They would make sure that both parents had to work (in order to make the ends meet), so they would have free hand to “educate” the kids the way they wanted for 8 hours a day.

Is this why Obama is in favor of universal preschool?

Update: Here is “Pyongyang Remix”.




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