“Justice in America for Everyone”

12 10 2008

Here is an interesting video where Obama promises that community organizers (I guess that includes ACORN) will shape his agenda soon after he is elected:

(So if you thought that his agenda was described in detail at barackobama.com, you were wrong. There is more to come.)

In the video Deepak Bhargava says that community organizations have to work through these elections to win “justice in America for everyone“.

What kind of justice is he talking about? Does he mean stuff like Amendment 6 to our constitution?

No, when they are talking about justice for everyone they think in Marxist terms. Stuff like: From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs, i.e. Distributive Justice.

This is from Wiki on Justice

According to needs-based theories, goods, especially such basic goods as food, shelter and medical care, should be distributed to meet individuals’ basic needs for them. Marxism can be regarded as a needs-based theory on some readings of Marx’s slogan, ‘From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs’.

That is exactly what Barack believes in — for example, he unequivocally said that health care is a right. (Yes, it is a right within the Marxist theory.)

BTW, Deepak Bhargava’s talk about “the power of many” with reference to community organizers reminded me of “transition from quantity to quality” which is described in the philosophy of Dialectic Materialism of Marx & Engels.

I guess those of us who have more abilities than needs better be ready, cause the new “quality” – socialism – is coming.

1st May -- Long live peasant-worker friendship

"1st May -- Long live peasant-worker friendship"




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