“Spread the wealth around”

13 10 2008

Here is a telling video where Obama tells a small business owner that higher taxes are not meant to punish him but to “spread the wealth around”. Indeed:

From each according to his ability, to each according to his need
Karl Marx in “Critique of the Gotha Program” (1875)

Here are a couple comments about that video from Breitbart.tv website:

Virginia   October 13th, 2008 – 1:21 pm
A dear friend, who had to leave Cuba, because of Castro Marxism, told me that listening to Obama ads on Spanish radio was exactly like listening to Castro!! She cannot understand why the Ameicans are not seeing the dangers in Socialism. “It is all around us, Cuba, Venzuela,Russia. They have failed, but ruined their countries for generations”. Take heed, folks…”spread the wealth”?, only to the grifters and grafters! You are being ACORNED: phoney promises for phoney voters.
vlad80913 October 13th, 2008 – 3:37 pm
I am an African American man in Colorado. I was born to a single mother who worked her finger to the bone to support me. I grew up in a real bad area of Gary,Indiana, and unfortunately, because my mother worked so hard all of the time, I was left alone most of the time and found my way into ganga and even became a drug dealer. It was a special woman that turned my life around, she was only 18 but turned out to be my soul mate and I resolved that I would do anything to be with her. I enlisted in the army, where we were moved away from the poverty and gangs to another state, I served my country and went to college at night as did my wife and within ten 9 years of service we were able to get out of the Army and open our own business. I never stopped going to college, I found within me a great thirst for knowledge that to this day has never been quenched. My wife and I DID this. We did this ourselves without a government subsidized handout and we feel all the more proud because of it. Our business has grown so successful we were able to open up another and move to a place we had always loved. My point is, I have been down in the streets, I have known the life of a single parent and I know the sense of hopelessness that comes along with those situations. But to all of my brothers and sisters out there let me say, that YES, YOU CAN get up and make a difference in your own lives. Yes YOU CAN support yourselves without government help and YES YOU CAN stand on your own two feet and realize the American dream without having a handout from government. Obama is a man who is of my race and claims to speak for me, but with this redistribution of wealth theory of his, he is keeping the black man down, always hopeless, always needing a handout, always dependent on him and the government. My BUSINESS THAT I STRUGGLED AND SCRAPED MY WAY OUT OF THE GUTTER TO EARN, should not be raised against my will to pay for those who will not try. I did it, every last able bodied soul in America can do it as well. BARACK OBAMA TO ME IS SIMPLY A CHARLTAN. He is typical of all of the politicians over the years who claimed to have my interests at heart, and once voted into office became independantly wealthy off of greed and bribes. I t sickens me. As a military man, his foreign policy is simply inexperience at it’s best. He claims not to know much about it- where people do you think he will get advice from? Ask yourself realistically. I’m voting for the first time in my life outside my party for John Mccain and it has finally become clear as a whistle that my party does not represent me or my family anymore but instead their own selfish and ridiculous agenda

Good commentary on this at Ace of Spades.

A tax cut? For people who already don’t pay taxes? That’s not a tax cut, is it? That’s more like a… well, a government handout. It’s a welfare check.

Not so.

Obama prefers to call it “refundables.” Even though you’re not being “refunded” anything, you’re just being sent a thousand or two dollars from someone else’s tax payments.

Update: Here is an appropriate illustration from The People’s Cube:

Wealth Spread

Wealth Spread




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