Beyond “a guy who lives in my neighborhood” [updated]

19 10 2008

By now everyone has heard that Bill Ayers is “just” someone who lives in Barack Obama’s neighborhood. BTW, quite a neighborhood it is: Location, Location, Location.

Obamas neighborhood

Obama's neighborhood

Now it turns out that they also shared office space too: Obama & Ayers Shared Chicago Office For Years On the Same Floor… And Maoist Hardliner Mike Klonsky Worked There Too115 S Sangamon St., Chicago, IL 60607.

UPDATE: Mike Klonsky explains: Bill Ayers never worked in the Sangamon St. building. His office was in the Education Building at UIC, a mile away on the other side of the campus. Oh yes, and Barack Obama also never worked nor had an office at the Sangamon St. building, … While he was a board member of CAC and even president of the board for a time, the Sangamon St. office of CAC was for staff members.

Also, Obama gave a glowing review to a book written by Ayers: Barack Obama’s review of William Ayers’ book.

Obama reviewing a book by Ayers

Obama reviewing a book by Ayers




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