Red Ribbon Week — Anti-Drug Education for 5-year Olds

20 10 2008
Scared Straight? Or Just Scared?

Scared Straight? Or Just Scared?

My son is in the kindergarten. He is 5 year old. Today he brought a flier home about the Red Ribbon Week that will take place in the week before Halloween. Red Ribbon Week is an anti-drug education program. The themes for each day would be:

  • 10/27 — Team up Against Drugs Day – deposit signed pledge
  • 10/28 — Join the Fight Against Drugs Day – make a promise to be drug free
  • 10/29 — Hats Off to Healthy Living Day – wear temp. tattoos to remind of a pledge
  • 10/30 — Give Bad Habits the Slip Day – vote in the Healthy and Drug Free election
  • 10/31 — Trick or Treat! Drugs Aren’t Neat! Day

All this is fine for older kids, but I really doubt if that stuff is appropriate for 5-year olds. OK, it might be fine for 5-year olds from some school districts where drug abuse is rampant, but my son does not even know what drugs are.

It looks like I am not the only one thinking that this type of programs are going overboard with targeting very young children. This essay from Brain, Child magazine —¬†Scared Straight? Or Just Scared? Do elementary school anti-drug campaigns work? — gives an example of a 7-year old that was “traumatized” by an inappropriate anti-drug education program at school.

Each of us made a skeleton... -- Red Ribbon Week activities

"Each of us made a skeleton..." -- Red Ribbon Week activities

Every child is different, and forcing that type of programs on children who may be not ready for them is simply wrong.

I am looking forward to see what will the “age appropriate sex education” for 6-year olds look like next year under our overlord Obama.




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20 10 2008

Having a 5 year old pledge to do something he does not even know exists just doesn’t make much sense.

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