Republicans Who Hope and Pray

22 10 2008
Swallowing Blue Pill

Swallowing Blue Pill

Looks like some Republicans are going to vote for Obama because they think he is the more “intellectual” candidate. And because they are embarrassed by Palin.

Here are two examples from the last two days:

But after all her arguments Parker ends her opinion piece with this (highlight mine):

… They [the votes] also will have been delivered with solemn prayers that Obama will govern as the centrist, pragmatic leader he is capable of being.

And Adelman ends his e-mail with this:

… I sure hope Obama is more open, centrist, sensible-dare I say, Clintonesque-than his liberal record indicates, than his cooperation with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid portends. If not, I will be even more startled by my vote than I am now.

So basically both admit that the Obama they will vote for is the Obama they want (hope/pray) to see. It is the imaginary Obama of their wishful thinking. Obama as seen through the pages of the New York Times. Obama who has carefully created his “centrist” (?) image for the purpose of the last few weeks of this election campaign.

But, what if the real Obama is the Obama who sat approvingly for 20 years in the pews on Rev. Wright’s church. The one who rose to power in the midst and with the help of corrupt political circle of Chicago. The one who shares ideas with the likes of Bill Ayers and Mike Klonsky. Not a post-racial Obama, but one thoroughly obsessed with race and victimhood. The one who supports and is supported by fraudulent ACORN. So basically a liberal radical who is at home in a corrupt political system.

What reveals more about a person? — A slick website and carefully crafted talking points, or his whole life.

Adelman says that Obamas has liberal record. But he is blind to the reality of Obama’s record and prefers to hope for a centrist Obama.

That is why Parker needs all her prayers, and Adelman needs all his hope.




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