Obama’s birth certificate

24 10 2008

There has been a lot of talk on internet about Berg’s lawsuit regarding Obama’s birth certificate, so here are my 2 cents about it.

Obamas Certification of Live Birth from fightthesmears.com

Obama's Certification of Live Birth from fightthesmears.com

Berg claims that the certificate posted at fightthesmears.com is a forgery, and demands to see the copy of the original Certificate of Birth.

My guess is that the certificate at fightthesmears.com is not a forgery. Still it is strange that Obama and DNC have not provided the copy of the original. And of course that leads to various conspiracy theories. So many that the whole story could be turned into a great novel (or even a movie – but in a movie I would replace Berg with a young woman lawyer 🙂 ).

It is a very compelling conspiracy theory, but the main thing that makes me doubt its credibility is the person of Phil J. Berg. This is not the first time that Berg is in the news:

911ForTheTruth.com -- Berg's website

911ForTheTruth.com -- the other Berg's website

This guy is nuts.

Still, one might say “why will not Obama give us a copy of the original Birth Certificate?”. I do not know, but here are two possible reasons:

  • There is nothing wrong with the original but team Obama sees Berg as a welcome distraction. People waste time and effort on pursuing this loose end and do not pay attention to the real problems with Barry’s past. [Objection to this would be that Obama may be loosing some votes because of the confusion.]
  • There is something wrong with the original birth certificate that might be embarasing to Obama or might cost him some votes, e.g. some weird/corrected entry (like Arabic/Muslim race ?)

Note that I do not include the third reason being the fact that Barry was born in Kenya. I think it is just wishful thinking, nothing more. DNC and the Clintons are too smart to nominate a non-US citizen for POTUS.

On the other hand, Barry’s time in Indonesia from 1967 to 1971 (age 9) and the possibility that he actually had Indonesian citizenship and passport are very interesting. Some journalist should ask Barack Obama a.k.a. Barry Soetoro about more details regarding it – but that is probably not going to happen.

All of this brings us to the final point that I want to make.

We know very little about Barack Obama. His life has a lot of holes that we know little or nothing about. What we know from his community organizing days is not very appealing. His current policy statements are just words. As one journalist put it: this guy is a cipher. Are we going to give him a blank check (i.e. Democratic Senate and House) to change America for ever?




One response

25 10 2008

Well put. If I had to guess as to why he hasn’t addressed it more that he has already is that there is something wrong or weird that could be embarrasing. Nothing to stop him from actually running but it could cost him more votes than just ignoring it all together.

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