Is it $250k or $200k

27 10 2008

Obama  has always said that he would not raise taxes for families earning less than $250k. In his new add, at time 0:32 you can see “Families making less than $200,000 get tax cut”.

Has the $250k threshold been lowered to $200k? Or is the explanation for this that taxes for families with income between $200k and $250k will stay exactly the same as they currently are?




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28 10 2008
Which is it: $250k, $200k, $182k, or $150k? « What’s Arugula

[…] Which is it: $250k, $200k, $182k, or $150k? 28 10 2008 I have already mentioned some uncertainty as to which is the “safe” tax threshold under Obama’s plan: It is $250k or $200k? […]

30 10 2008

In all honesty, it will probably start at $40k. There is no way to raise $1Trillion or more by taxing the top 5% to pay for all his expanded programs. $1Tril. is estimated low as well. Some economists believe it would be closer to $2-$4Tril.

30 10 2008

I think he will make some “savings” by deeply cutting military spending – 25% or more.

But of course he will find a reason to break his tax promises as well, taxing more than says he will.

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