Voting in Tarrant County, TX

27 10 2008

UPDATE (11/10): So the elections are over. Our country decided to got for an experiment in change, whatever it may mean. The good news is that my precinct voted overwhelmingly against Obama, who got 28.7% votes, while McCain/Palin got 71.3% votes. It is nice to know that one lives in a good neighborhood.

This year’s ballot that I will be voting on (in Tarrant County, Texas) does not contain any Propositions (at least not where I am voting). That is a welcome change from what I got used to in California. Californians love to vote for multi-billion dollar bonds (look where it took them), but Texans are apparently not so eager to hand money over to the government.

Here is a list of candidates I picked (I have excluded from the list those who run unopposed). Most of them are Republican with one Libertarian exception.

  • President and Vice-President of the United States — John McCain / Sarah Palin
    • I would have preferred a Republican candidate different from MCCain, but I kind of like Palin – I think she does not eat too much arugula.
  • United States Senator — John Cornyn
  • United States Representative, District 24 — Kenny E. Marchant
    • Tom Love does not look compelling at all, sounds like a whining liberal.
  • Railroad Commissioner — Michael L. Williams
    • He is for clean coal and nuclear power.
  • Chief Justice, Supreme Court — Wallace B. Jefferson
  • Justice, Supreme Court, Place 7 — Dale Wainwright
  • Justice, Supreme Court, Place 8 — Phil Johnson
    • If you agree that judges should not legislate from the bench, I hope that I can count on your help in the campaign and your vote in 2008
  • Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 3 — Tom Price
  • Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 4 — Paul Womack
  • Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 9 — Cathy Cochran
  • Member, State Board of Education, District 11 — Bruce Beckman (Libertarian)
    • Supports school vouchers.
  • State Representative, District 98 — Vicky Truitt
  • District Judge, 17th Judicial District — Melody Wilkinson
  • District Judge, 67th Judicial District — Don Cosby
  • Criminal District Judge, Court No. 2 — Wayne Salvant
  • Sheriff — Dee Anderson
  • County Commissioner, Precinct No. 3 — Garry Fickes



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