McCain camp to L.A. Times: Show the video

28 10 2008

The blogosphere has been demanding that L.A. Times releases the Obama-Rashid Khalidi video for several days already. So far L.A. Times response was “get lost“. Maybe that will change now that McCain camp has requested that the video be released.

But maybe L.A. Times is simply too busy with laying off its staff to bother about that video.




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29 10 2008

With La Times endorsing Obama now after supporting Hilliary Clinton, it makes you wonder why they won’t release the tape. Could this be the infamous “whitey” tape? What could be so bad that they are not releasing the tape? If you ask me, Obama must have said some pretty terrible things about White America on that tape. That is the only reason why they would not release it!


Obama went to La Times… I believe Obama was given the tape when he was there and now it has been destroyed.

Hey Michelle…is this where you made the racist “whitey” remarks?

29 10 2008

I think this proves the media died during this election. (Quote from FOXNEWS’ Sean Hannity) I think the news outlets are no longer reporting the news and the facts, and letting the American public judge for themselves. They think we are too stupid and lazy, so they want to filter it for us. I still love this country but the people in charge are ticking me off.

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