Look who is calling me selfish

31 10 2008

(H/T Powerline)

I am against socialism and wealth redistribution, so as I have learned today, according to Mr. Obama I am selfish.

OK, lets see who is selfish here. This table illustrates the Obama family charitable donations.

Obama charitable donations

Obama charitable donations

That is pretty weak Mr. & Mrs. Obama. Even though my family income is way lower that yours, somehow, I was able to donate to charity several times more than you did in 2000-2004. I see you started to be less “selfish” once you had more to spare, or was it because you started to run for a President and you wanted your tax returns to look good. Still, even so, as percentage of my AGI I am doing better than your 6.1% donations to charity.

So who is selfish here.

Americans in the red states are not selfish. They just do not like when the Government takes money out of American pockets and gives them to whoever is going to vote for them in the next elections.




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