Obama promises to send “price signals”. It won’t be painless.

1 11 2008

(H/T Hot Air)

In this video Obama shows that he agrees with the idea of modifying people’s behavior by sending “price signals”.

Although he says that it will not be painless, he is fully in favor of “price signals”.

In particular, he talks about making electricity more expensive.

The hot South will hate him for such a stupid idea. Obama apparently thinks that you need electricity mainly for light bulbs. Being from Texas, I can tell you that probably 1/3 to 1/2 of my electric bill goes to running AC. I would love to upgrade my AC to new energy efficient units, but I do not have $10k to pay for it. Even just better insulation is still pretty expensive – I know because I had to give up the idea of adding more attic insulation this year.

What other bad behavior would Obama like to change by sending “price signals”? In the interview he mentioned SUVs. Which probably means that he would like to raise the price of gas. How about $5 or more per gallon. (As I am writing this, gas is $2.19 here)

BTW, Obama’s need to tell people what is good for them reminds me of the California’s stupid idea of requiring AC thermostats to be radio-controlled so that the government could turn them up when needed. Fortunately, that bill did not pass, but Obama probably would be in favor of such regulation.




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2 11 2008
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[…] would necessarily skyrocket” 2 11 2008 So yesterday we learned that Obama thinks that painfull price signals are necessary. Today we learn about his extreme plans for CO2 cap-and-trade that would bankrupt coal industry and […]

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