Stupid e-mail I got from Obama Action Wire

1 11 2008

Here it is (my comments are in red):

Obama for America

Friend —

Yesterday morning we woke up to news that America’s GDP has fallen for the first time this year, meaning we’re producing less and selling less.

In short, our economy is shrinking.

Also yesterday, ExxonMobil announced the highest corporate profits in United States history.

[Great! Most certainly some of my 401(k) is invested in ExxonMobil. If they are doing good, my 401(k) will be doing better.]

John McCain’s economic plan? Give $4 billion in new tax breaks to Big Oil companies like ExxonMobil — and leave 101 million American households with no tax relief at all.

[McCain’s tax cuts have enough for me. Plus I can trust McCain more than I can trust Obama — If you do not agree, give me one reason why I should trust Obama.]

We don’t have to take another four years of this. Sign up to help get out the vote for Barack.

Corporate profits won’t heat Americans’ homes this winter or put food on the table.

[Yes, they will. If my company does not make profit, I will be unemployed. How will I then heat my house?]

We need change.

[Yes, but not Barack-change]

Barack Obama has an economic plan to give tax breaks to 95 percent of working families [including those who do not pay taxes] and create jobs by investing in people. [Is this some new “work from your home” scheme? I’ve always thought it is companies that create jobs.]

See what you can do before Election Day to help bring the change we need:

Keep fighting the good fight,

Obama Action Wire




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