Weather Underground on daycare

1 11 2008

Here is a page from Weather Undeground magazine Osawatomie issue No.2. It talks about “The Politics of Daycare”. Note that it says that “Daycare is a right”. (Was this piece written by Dohrn or by Ayers?)

The Politics of Day Care. Page 14 from Osawatomie No. 2 (1975)

The Politics of Day Care. Page 14 from Osawatomie No. 2 (1975). Click to enlarge.

We know that Obama thinks that health care is a right. Does he think that daycare is a right too? Quite probably so, but he is getting there by baby steps, so as not to alarm the tax payers.

What Obama has done so far would certainly find approval of the Osawatomie writers.

Obama Helped to Dramatically Expand Day-Care Services. In Illinois, Obama fought to create Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, which included a six-fold increase in day care funding.

Obama Will Expand The Child And Dependent Care Tax Credit. Obama will expand the Child and Dependent Care tax credit to 7.5 million more working women, double funding for afterschool programs to serve 1 million more children, and provide summer learning opportunities to an additional 1 million young people.

Obama supports increasing funding for the Head Start program for preschool children. Obama has called on states to replicate the Illinois model of (state paid) Preschool for All.




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