11/4/1979 — a taste of things to come?

3 11 2008
Iranian militants escort a blindfolded U.S. Ebmassy hostage to the media. (Do you recognize Ahmadinejad?)

Iranian militants escort a blindfolded U.S. Embassy hostage to the media.

Obama, if elected, could become the next Jimmy Carter. November 4th, 1979 is a reminder of how “skillfully” Carter handled the situation in Iran and what it led to. The problem with Obama is that not only he is inexperienced, but that he believes that everyone’s grievances against the US are legitimate. He will not stand up for the US interests, but rather cede to the will of the UN.

Failed Operation Eagle Claw

Failed Operation Eagle Claw

I lived in the Eastern Europe during the Carter era. Commies liked Carter. I was at school then. I remember how, before the elections when Carter run against Reagan, our teachers told us that it would be a terrible thing if Reagan won. When Reagan eventually won, one commie teacher told our class that we would now have Word War III soon. The commies rooted for Carter. Just like commies everywhere root for Obama.




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