Prop 8 — Why Marriage matters

3 11 2008

Here is my favorite “Yes on Prop 8” add — I really don’t like the arrogance of Gavin Newsom. (I have lived in Bay Area for a while, so I have heard him or about him a bit.)

You might say: If someone wants to marry someone then just let him/her do it – it is a free country. Heck, if someone wants to marry a goat, he/she should be able to do so. Or, if you can afford 5 wives, why not.

Here is a link to a good, short article that argues that it is not so: Marriage Matters by Maggie Gallagher.

Top Five Reasons to Oppose Same-Sex Marriage:
1. Marriage is about affirming the ideal. And when it comes to children, science and common sense both say: Mothers and fathers both matter to children.

2. Same-Sex Marriage sends a terrible message to the next generation: alternative family forms are just as good as traditional families, children don’t need a mother and a father, and marriage is about adult desires for affirmation or benefits, not about the well-being of children.

3. It’s just wrong for the law to pretend that two men being intimate are the same as a husband and wife, especially when it comes to raising children.

4. Marriage belongs in the hands of the people. Four judges in Massachusetts [or California] have no business rewriting the moral rules our kids are going to live by.

5. Marriage isn’t a special interest, it’s a common good. Every American benefits from a healthy marriage culture. All Americans pay the price in increased taxes, social disorder, and human suffering when mothers and fathers fail to get and stay married.




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