Birth of Obama Nation

4 11 2008

So eventually with the help of Media, ACORN, and money from fraudulent donations Barack Hussein Obama managed to become our President, or should I call him Our Dear Leader.


Here are my predictions regarding Obama’s presidency (in no particular order):

  • He will be in office only for 4 years, like Jimmy Carter. He did not win by a landslide (although CA votes are still to be counted, so I might be wrong) and as soon as he does not live up to the great expectations that he and the Media created, his ratings will go down, maybe even below these of W.
  • He will turn out to be not the moderate centrist that a lot of people hope he is.
  • He will be tested, as Biden has promised us, and the outcome will not be pretty.
  • Israel is screwed.
  • He will mess up the economy. We can look forward to unemployment being significantly higher than it is now.
  • The disenchanted press will finally start to research Obama’s past and what we will learn will not be pretty.
  • His cabinet will be a joke.
  • Say hello to $4+ gas again. Or higher, if he insists on sending “price signals”.
  • He will not be able to keep his tax promises — will have to tax more.
  • Will significantly cut defense spending. (Obviously, China and Russia will not cut their defense spending.)
  • Will he pardon Rezko?
  • Pray to God that our Dear Leader does not bankrupt coal industry.

The good news is that my town, my county, and my state voted for McCain/Palin.


I will now have less time to blog here because I have to start working on my resume. My company has not been doing very well, and now with Our Dear Leader in power, we may not survive far into next year.

Let me finish with a pretty photo of our Our Dear Leader and his Mentor.

Our Dear Leader and his Spiritual Father

Our Dear Leader and his Spiritual Father




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