Fort Worth Tea Party ’09

21 02 2009

Boston Tea Party

Boston Tea Party

As announced here:

***************LET YOUR VOICES BE HEARD!!!***************

Well, I told you folks it was coming to a town near you. “TEA PARTY ’09.” Let “the man” know that you’re mad, and you’re not going to take it anymore!! Bring your protest signs and indignant taxpayer attitude with you to the rally at the outside stage at The Cowtown Bar & Grill on Friday, the 27th of February, from 3pm to 7pm, located at 7108 Camp Bowie Blvd Fort Worth, TX 76116 (817) 570-7910 We hope to have a guest speaker there from KLIF radio. The “Desert Son Band” will be performing on the outside stage with their original music and some covers appropriate for the rally. Food and drink will be available for purchase.

I’ll be notifying the TV media about the rally, as well. Check out what’s been going on around the Country:

Please tell everyone you know about the event. The only way for us to be heard, is to spread the word. I’ll be putting out flyers, advertising on the internet (like this), and I’ve already been on the air with JD Wells at KLIF radio, plugging the event. If anyone knows any celebrities that would like to speak, please let me know, and we’ll schedule them in.


Some ideas for protest signs (saw them somewhere on Internet):

  • Why don’t you ask Rezko to help them get a house they can’t afford?
  • Why doesn’t Dodd get Country Wide to give them the same deal he got?

Reactions to the signing of the Spendulus

17 02 2009

Here is how the markets react to the signing of the Spendulus by Our Dear Leader.

Markets dive on the day of the Spendulus

Markets dive on the day of the Spendulus

Here are other reactions that I came across on the Internet:

  • I’m girding my loins.
  • Most politicians are soulless, power-hungry bastards, but Obama takes it to a whole new level.  Especially point one.
  • My god America is in the hands of meglomaniacal idiot
    Last week the economy was on the verge of collaps and catastrophe.  Now today, he tells us its “the begining of the end” of our troubles.. ? huh?  This guy is an overratred affirmative action hire that everyone is so willing to believe in.  In the back of everyones mind, however.. we know he’s an idiot.
  • I swear I’m ready to cry watching this joke of a POTUS
  • So far Obama hasn’t inspired the DOW to go higher with his “we’re the government and we’re here to help you” comedy act.
  • I love this idea that he is going to restore fiscal discipline while signing this bill. The Audacity of Bullshit.
  • Being broke is fun!
  • This guy is a joke.
  • I could feel my wallet getting lighter just watching it. I will make a mental note of this day for my grandchildren when the last few nails were put into the coffin for a formally free country.
  • I want to cry, but I just turned the heat down some more to save money, and I’m afraid the tears might freeze in my eyes.
  • Precedent B Hussein is going to drag this country straight down the chasm with his stupidity. He will be one of the most reviled people in history – and the morons who voted for him will stand as those who threw away the greatest nation to have ever existed – for NOTHING. Thanks, morons.
  • I can’t wait for my extra $13.00 a week.
    I’ll be able to buy that pack of gum and 2 liter of pop I’ve been eyeing since Christmas.
  • $61 B for Protecting the Vulnerable
    I can be vunerable if you want me too where do I sign up for my million.
  • I feel so fulfilled now… I will now go the the nearest McDonalds to spend my 13 bucks tax relief on two “crappy” meals. Then I will go get a case of vodka to wash it down, Maybe by the time I am sober this will have all passed.
  • Free magic unicorns for everyone!!!
  • All of the markets are dropping like stone baloons.
    At this rate I should be able to retire by the the age of… oh, about 127.
    Thanks, Ogabe!
  • Where do I go now to get my gas tank filled and my government subsidized mortgage payment coupons?
  • Yaaayyy! Where’s my Obamamuny!?
  • Tragic just freaking tragic!!!
  • What we really need is to create a government agency to do a study on the best way to spend our additional $13 a week! Then the dems can tell us, the moronic masses, where we should invest the money we just stole from our grandchildren!
  • I feel like I’m in the Twighlight Zone.
    How did this guy get elected again?
  • Have I missed the moment of silence? 😦
  • I am going to use my $8-13 bucks each week to fatten myself up so I have some reserves to pull from – got to be ready for the bread lines….
  • Imagine this scenario. A world wide recession worsening daily and we elect a man to turn it around whose only known talent is talking. That couldn’t happen in the real world, could it?
  • Have no fear, in the hands of this great man, we’ll ALL be the vulnerable before long.