220 who want you to be a serf of the Government

8 11 2009

So the Pelosi-Monstrosity has passed the House. Here is a list of 220 members of the House who voted for that hideousness: http://clerk.house.gov/evs/2009/roll887.xml#Y. Just remember them when their seats come up for reelection. They should be send back home. Give money to their Conservative opponents, volunteer, do anything so that they lose and we never again see them in Congress.
Next time they should try their luck somewhere else – maybe move to Cuba and run for a Government seat there.

BTW, I am still waiting for the remaining $1000 that Barack Hussein Obama promised me in tax cuts this year (not that I ever believed it).

To all the dopes who voted for Obama and now feel buyer’s remorse: Next time remember not to believe every word that comes out of a politician’s mouth.



The candidate of Change

3 11 2008

Is this the Change that Obama means? — Carefully triangulate public opinion and say anything to get himself elected?

How can people trust anything that he says, if nothing that he says seems to be final. He promised tax-cuts for 95%. Are you willing to take him at his word? What guarantee is there the that Obama keeps his word? His personal integrity? I am not sure he has any. He is a Chicago style politician. His life-long record? His friends and acquaintances are not exactly the nicest people. And large portions of his life are a carefully shrouded secret.

If after elections you feel buyer’s remorse, good luck with trying to return the purchased goods.